Juvenile Hall – ‘Got Caught’ and Loving it

by on November 14, 2011

Juvenile Hall

The corner of Dunlevy and Powell was a sodium vapor island. Crack-addled flotsam circled the arc-lit shoreline as I waited. A circus of characters, dancing to the broken melody of life’s nightmare descent, questioned my presence and my purpose. Before I was swallowed up in the land of the lost, I heard my name called from the alley behind me. I followed the voice and the person it …
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Motorama – Garage Gods of Drag Strip Punk

by on January 30, 2011

Motorama Jan 2011 Poster

Funky Winkerbean’s is a blood red hallway, its vertical lines of cardinal geometry flying into false cornices and climbing into vaulted voids. This darkened corridor, paddocking its patrons in balustrade fences, is littered with seating and lined on one side by an extended Naugahyde bench the color of cigarette smoke. Opposite this, the bar sits huge and heavy, a patchwork walnut edifice of solid finish and …
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Four Favorite Christmas Films

by on December 18, 2010

Sure I remember ridiculously large Christmas trees festooned with ornaments until their massive branches struggled under the weight. Yes I remember our home running with red and green as we nibbled on the chocolate we freed every day from the advent calender. Of course I remember that the wreath hanging from our front door could have doubled as a holly-wrapped spare tire. But what I remember most is Christmas Eve …
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