Dept of Musical Affirmation: The Homosexuals

by on May 3, 2012

I know I’m not the only one to find it impossible to play this track only once on first listen. The Homosexuals are one of countless seminal art-punk bands, equally great as unsung, to emerge in the UK in the late 70s/early 80s (note: recommended deal). Curiously (and to my mind not remarked on enough) punk and post-punk were nearly coterminous, with the primary genre and its successor emerging …
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Juvenile Hall – ‘Got Caught’ and Loving it

by on November 14, 2011

Juvenile Hall

The corner of Dunlevy and Powell was a sodium vapor island. Crack-addled flotsam circled the arc-lit shoreline as I waited. A circus of characters, dancing to the broken melody of life’s nightmare descent, questioned my presence and my purpose. Before I was swallowed up in the land of the lost, I heard my name called from the alley behind me. I followed the voice and the person it …
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Downstroke Warriors the Hot Snakes Reunite

by on July 27, 2011

Hot Snakes may be an acquired taste but they’re one of my favorite rock bands ever (and why not, since their primary influence is none other than Portland’s Wipers, whose first three albums may be the most criminally under-appreciated in American underground rock, Nirvana cover notwithstanding). I’ve mentioned ’em here once before, but Hot Snakes are bare-knuckled punk-rock at full thrust. Fronted by best friends Rick Froberg, who has …
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Dear Coach’s Corner

by on May 22, 2011

Don Cherry autographs Canadian artillery in Afghanistan (c/o Toronto Star)

I once happened on a clip of George Stroumboulopoulos interviewing Hockey Night In Canada‘s Ron MacLean in which MacLean professed to being a regular reader of Harper’s magazine. What could be more emblematic of the distance between the thoughtful MacLean and the bullying “combat patriotism” of Don Cherry? Here’s Manitoba punks Propagandhi with an epistolary treatment of the topic.…
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The Ex & Getachew Mekuria

by on February 24, 2011

Along similar lines to Crass, The Ex emerged from an anarcho-punk squatter scene, armed with dizzying conviction and limited to no musical ability. The Dutch band has long since moved past its agit-punk beginnings to emerge as one of the most innovative, collaborative, and forward-looking (if still utterly uncompromising) bands on earth. This clip of The Ex with Ethiopian saxophonist Getachew Mekuria, from the …
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Motorama – Garage Gods of Drag Strip Punk

by on January 30, 2011

Motorama Jan 2011 Poster

Funky Winkerbean’s is a blood red hallway, its vertical lines of cardinal geometry flying into false cornices and climbing into vaulted voids. This darkened corridor, paddocking its patrons in balustrade fences, is littered with seating and lined on one side by an extended Naugahyde bench the color of cigarette smoke. Opposite this, the bar sits huge and heavy, a patchwork walnut edifice of solid finish and …
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