Slab of Fruitcake?

by Nick Glossop on December 14, 2014Comments Off on Slab of Fruitcake?

Do the words to Walking in a Winter Wonderland make you feel like our species deserves a long, dark, ice age extinction? Me too. But don’t despair, this holiday season relief is at hand. I’m on my way out gift shopping, but rather than expose myself to the festive tunes on the store PA’s, I’ve got my earphones in and I’m going to listen to this song on repeat, over and over. So if you see me in the aisles, and I’m moving kind of funny, don’t worry, it’s not a seizure, it’s Fruitcake.

The Superions are a side project of Fred Schneider of the B52s.

Now if only I had a Mr. Microphone so I could share these lyrics with pedestrians as I drive around town…

Those with more exotic tastes may want to check out the Yuletide celebrations on Totally Nude Island:

Originally posted Dec 17, 2010