American Military Intervention Proposed in Syria–What Could Go Wrong!

by Matthew Payne on September 19, 2013Comments Off on American Military Intervention Proposed in Syria–What Could Go Wrong!


Afghan Muhajideen c. 1985, i.e., Afghan Taliban in 2013. Because, yeah, arming and training insurgents always works out (c/o Wiki Commons)

As per CNN (the most trusted name in relaying Pentagon talking points):

The Pentagon has “put a proposal on the table” for U.S. military forces to train and equip moderate Syrian opposition forces for the first time, two Obama administration officials told CNN.

If approved, it would dramatically increase the role of the U.S. military in Syria’s civil war and would for the first time put American troops in direct contact with opposition forces

Must be a helluva big table to bear the weight of all that intended human suffering!  And who, after all, are these “moderates”?  Maybe Secretary Kerry and the Obama administration are still taking advice from disgraced, non-PhDs on the size and composition of the rebel forces?  The article bears careful scrutiny since it admits we have already been arming and directing insurgent forces under CIA auspices and certainly in an age of sequestration the Pentagon wants in on that black budget largesse.  But also note the training:

The proposal envisions U.S. troops training certain rebels on small arms, command and control and military tactics, according to one of the officials.

Hmmm, classic small-cadre insurgent tactics–you know, like the kind we taught al-Qaida the muhajideen in Afghanistan.  Now, what could go wrong with that?  There is also an implicit recognition that no actually “moderate opposition” exists at this time, since it would have to be built:

“The path to the resolution of the Syrian conflict is through a developed capable moderate opposition, and we know how to do that,” he said.

The “he” here is Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey.  Yeah, we certainly “know” how to do that.  We are fine trainers of insurgent forces, some of which might even be termed, you know, “terrorists.”  Hell, funny how training, arming and financing Jalaluddin Haqqani’s “resistance” movement turned into resistance against us.  Things that make you go, hmmmm . . .  ‘Cuz the world needs more warlords.

Putting aside my tone of bitter irony for an entirely mock-worthy proposal, this shows the repetitive stupidity of the American NatSec establishment.  Nothing, and I do mean nothing, good is going to come out of this little military adventure if they chose to go forward with it.    I haven’t heard of anything quite this evil since Hank Kissinger was doing this sort of arming and training ultimately abandoned Hmong and Kurds as diplomatic chips in a cynical game of Great Power poker.  Oh, wait . . .