Snaps From The Underground ~ Soviet/Post-Soviet Punk

by Nick Glossop on August 8, 2013Comments Off on Snaps From The Underground ~ Soviet/Post-Soviet Punk

Red Teddies, Leningrad 1984 c/o Alexander Boyko, from the archive of Ruslan Ziggelya

From the Barrelhouse has assembled an excellent gallery of images from the Russian underground scene (1980 – 2012): Teds, Mods, Punks, Bikers (and of course, Pussy Riot). Check them all out.

Willie and friends shooting the movie “Without a uniform.” Volgograd, 1988. From the archive of Villi.

Yanka Dyagileva, the ‘Russian Patti Smith’ (1966-1991) from Novosibirsk.

Yanka sings Sadness is my Light

In case you are wondering about the lyrical text, yes it is sad, like Siberia-sized sad, and if your boss speaks Russian it’s definitely NSFW.

Eastern Syndrome

I’ll tack on one from my own collection: Восточный Cиндром (Eastern Syndrome) from Magadan, freaking it out in Kiev.


Originally posted, August 29, 2012