Louis CK on Marc Maron’s WTF

by Andrew Loewen on March 1, 2013One comment

If like me you missed the 2-part Louis CK episodes of WTF when they were originally aired posted in 2010, they’re up on YouTube. CK is widely regarded (justly in my opinion) as the greatest comedian of this troubled present. He and Marc Maron were friends from their earliest days as 19-year-old standups in Boston, and the candor and intimacy of this interview has sent journalists trailing after Maron as if he were a “Professor of Louis.” Among other things listen to hear what force pivoted Louis CK, from the absurdist and meta-comedic tendencies of his established performing and writing career, into the raw personal material by which most of us came to know him.

I think you’ve always been a poet in the sense that you struggle to understand the large battles that people live in their lives. And you have a way of focusing down and capturing moments that are very specific [and revealing]. – Marc Maron

One comment