West Edmonton Mall Interrupted

by Andrew Loewen on December 19, 2012One comment

With temporary highway blockades across Canada and (finally) national news coverage of Idle No More, here’s hoping Canadians are entering their next “constitutional crisis.” See my last post for further background.

One comment

Barry Loewen on December 19, 2012 at 8:43 pm. #

A movement that could do more to save Canada from facism than the other political parties have so far been able to do. I have been flogging it since I first heard of it and trying to get local Aboriginal students to get more informed. Finally that is happening too. I tell them this could be the most important Aboriginal movement in our history. Some say Theresa Spence could be our Mandela or Martin Luther King. Could be wishful thinking but so far nothing is being done to stop it. Stifling it has not deterred people, only given it time to garner greater base support.