“A Thousand Reasons”, thousands of tweets: Linda Grant launches site based on sexism tweets

by Michelle Lovegrove Thomson on March 14, 2012One comment

Last week on International Women’s Day, British Novelist Linda Grant (winner of the Orange Prize for Fiction) took to her twitter account to ponder the oft heard assertion: I’m-not-a-feminist. Her beef? Young women who claim no affiliation with the word or the movement; young women who lack appreciation or understanding of just how much they owe to those who fought for basic rights during the last century.

As Grant tweets: “For you I’m-not-a-feminists, in 1979 aged 28, when I applied for a store credit card the form had to be signed by my husband or father.” As the novelist describes in a column for The Guardian, her tweet set off a rush of corresponding tweets by hundreds of women who give concrete examples of ways they have felt undermined, disrespected, and essentialized.

Given the terrifyingly anti-woman turn US-legislation has taken this month–through various Personhood, Heartbeat/Vaginal probe, Shame the Sluts Bills–it is also important to remember the more mundane side of sexism, if we can call it that. All these acts exist on a spectrum, from the job-related infuriations, to state-legislated invasions.

The more than 2000  tweets from those responding to Grant’s account have been archived as a website called A Thousand Reasons.  In Grant’s words, “A thousand reasons why feminism is still relevant and necessary.”

2012 – Issa Hearing on whether employers can deny women access to contraceptives based on religion:

Senator Judy Eason McIntyre from Tulsa

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