The Higgs Boson ~ A Flirtation From God

by Nick Glossop on December 13, 2011Comments Off on The Higgs Boson ~ A Flirtation From God

The most coveted prize in particle physics – the Higgs boson – may have been glimpsed, say researchers reporting at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva.

The particle is purported to be the means by which everything in the Universe obtains its mass.

The Higgs boson

* The Higgs is a sub-atomic particle that is predicted to exist, but has not yet been seen
* It was proposed as a mechanism to explain mass by six physicists, including Peter Higgs, in 1964
* It imparts mass to other fundamental particles via the associated Higgs field
* It is the last missing member of the Standard Model, which explains how particles interact

LHC: Higgs boson ‘may have been glimpsed’ << BBC