Climate Science Resources to Help Preserve Your Holiday Sanity

by Desiree Schell on December 7, 2011One comment

‘Tis the season for mandatory holiday get togethers. So many people, so many different opinions. The possibility of awkward exchanges runs high, and the chance of one of them ending up as “the great turkey throwing tragedy of 2010” is only a sip of Grandmas’s high-octane mulled cider away.

But you can be prepared for at least one the potential hot-button topics, with The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism.

Just print out the PDF, and you’ll have evidence-based answers to all your “favourite” uncle’s climate change questions.

Questions like:

“If the earth is warming, why is it so cold outside?”
“Even if everything is warming up, what do you care? It’ll save me from going to Arizona every winter!”
“Those scientists’ emails they found prove that there was a conspiracy to hide the truth!” (Let’s pretend this is a question.)

But maybe your particular climate change denialist is more advanced in their arguments, or has so many that it’s hard to keep up? There’s an app for that. (I know. It’s still funny.)

Download the smart phone application of your choice, and choose from 131 popular arguments. You’ll have the most current, peer-reviewed, consensus science on climate change, right at your fingertips.

While this is only one of the myriad topics you could argue about, these resources will help you bring some actual science to any climate debates you might get into while enjoying your egg nog.

And if anyone ever makes a “well, if we came from apes, why are there still apes?” app, I’ll let you know.

Check out some more great climate science information at Skeptical Science.

Originally posted Dec. 8, 2010

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