by Craig Elliott on October 31, 2011Comments Off on BOO!

Happy Hallowe’en! I spent most of yesterday carving jack o’lanterns (ten!), though I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve got nothing on sculptor Ray Villafane, who turned the largest pumpkin grown in 2011 – or ever, actually – into a zombie hatchery.

copyright Yuka Yoneda, Inhabitat

copyright Rhode Montijo

Oh, All Hallows Eve! So much to gawk at, and only a day to gawk before it pretty much ceases to matter for another year. So quick – let’s get down to it! Here’s a few more jack o’lanterns to covet (via WebUrbanist), or maybe you just want to check out Rhode Montijo’s swell illustrations over at Curiosities (via Drawn!). They’re even cute enough to share with your kids!

What? You say you don’t have kids? Then oh my goodness, my friend, perhaps you’ve got enough time for some Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Or Network Awesome‘s Horror Punk Hallowe’en, featuring a live Cramps show from 1984 at the Napa State Mental Hospital, Night of the Living Dead (and/or a quick essay on fast vs. slow zombies), among other kool stuff. Or a documentary about Aleister Crowley, (via UbuWeb).

Or maybe all you’ve ever really wanted from Hallowe’en is just a nice recipe for pumpkin soup.