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by Nick Glossop on June 20, 2011One comment

Cheap Holidays In Other People’s Misery

John Galt burns easily and wouldn’t leave the mini bar, Atlas shrugged and hit the surf while Ares scratched his Ares-ass. Zeus wandered around offering to oil the backs of everyone in sight, and Poseidon adjusted his thong – continually – all the while the Gorgons were frightening the children, pretending they were acrobats, forming pyramids and barging into the queues. Ayn was egging them on as usual, as she coolly assessed the cabana boys, picking out the tastiest and most rationally self-interested. The tea was terrible (although there were bags a’plenty), as were the chips, best not to mention the pizza, and the jam was rather too spicy. Olympian package holidays so rarely live up to the brochures. There really ought to be some sort of agency demanding more truth in the advertising…

Still, you couldn’t argue with the prices, and the slums had so much soul.

One comment

Matthew Payne on June 20, 2011 at 6:38 pm. #

“And now I have cholera!” Historically, pretty accurate depiction of libertarian paradises.