School House Wrong

by Nick Glossop on May 13, 20112 comments

Welcome to perennial presidential wannabee (although, apparently not for 2012), Mike Huckabee’s Learn Our History: Time Travel Academy. If you find it difficult to believe that this is not a parody, you are not alone. Be warned, however, that visiting the site for proof and being greeted by the animated Huckster himself will incur a sanity roll against heavy penalties.

In this series of videos a gang of young friends travel through time to get to the truthy bottom of major events in American history, like when Ronald Reagan brought down the Berlin Wall with the force of his Horns-of-Jericho oration. (In this episode, note also the ethnically ambiguous knife-wielding fellow – he’s come a long way since his cameo in Death Wish II – taken to mugging and various other street crimes to pay for his KC and Sunshine Band tickets.)

The series is a bit like Professor Kitzel, only even more boring and with worse animation, a bit like Mr. Peabody and Sherman, but completely ex-sanguinated of all charm and wit, a bit like School House Rock… actually School House Rock could be pretty heavy on the jingoism, but at least it had catchy tunes and was never so shamelessly partisan; here Reagan is credited with events that did not even occur on his watch, yet the whole of WWII can be related without reference to FDR (Democrat) or Truman (Democrat), let alone to any allies – commie Russkies and effete Europeans.

It would be easy to scoff at the tireless Republican efforts to build up the Reagan cult of personality, especially, as here, where the production qualities are as shoddy as the lies, but come next election cycle, they will trot out the same discredited bag of Reaganoid trickle-down canards served up with deregulation snake oil, and we’ll be left to wonder – again – how the Hell do they get away with that?

Stay tuned for an episode of Time Travel Academy in which George W. Bush rockets straight up from his Ground Zero speech – in a jet suit powered by his dilithium codpiece – and takes out Bin Laden with a mere smack from his mighty bullhorn, before settling gracefully back down onto the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln. And that, children, is how mission was accomplished that day.

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craig elliott on May 13, 2011 at 5:18 pm. #

The thing I can’t figure out is, aren’t the Republican types the ones with all the money? Couldn’t they hire someone *good* to do this?

Matthew on May 14, 2011 at 8:22 am. #

Craig, this is Mike Huckabee–a man who mourns the cancellation of Hee-Haw everyday. His is the social conservative, theo-con wing of the Republican Party. Wall Street functionaries like Mitt Romney are quite concerned about his embrace of the Biblical “Jubilee” while creative types don’t appreciate his culture wars hatred of teh gay and “Hollywood.” So, yeah. The youth pastor’s younger brother who has a full crayon set was the only artist and funding available.