Stem Cells: Just As Cool As You Think

by Desiree Schell on February 4, 2011Comments Off on Stem Cells: Just As Cool As You Think

On the topic of stem cells and their use in medicine, it’s not always easy to sort out the fairly factual from media mendacity. Fortunately, thanks to a February 7th episode of National Geographic Explorer, there’s at least one cool thing that we know stem cells can do. Applied properly, they can help severe burns heal practically overnight. And for added awesome, “applied properly” means they were sprayed on with something called “The Skin Gun.”

For a slightly more comprehensive, but no less interesting, look at the medical applications of stem cells, dig into this interactive timeline of the history of stem cell research, by Discover Blogs’ Ed Yong. If you don’t find at least one thing on Yong’s list fascinating, it’s time to turn in your geek card.